Video of Adrielle and Elvis.

Adrielle Loves Art.


This video.  Sweet and adorable.

When told of winning in the Baptist Medical Center’s Art Contest beautiful Adrielle, stunned her parents., Elvis.

Video shows Elvis talking to his oldest daughter.

We hope you love her as much as we love her.

Elvis’ Daughter

Celebrate with KEP!


This Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Kep Croft will be giving out treats to her four-legged friends.

Photo above: Parilee Croft and her beloved KEP, Art on the Green’s mascot. Today Kep is in a BumbleBee costume,

wonder what she will wear tomorrow?

Stop by anytime between 2PM and 5PM.

About the photo above:

We have espresso and treats for Kep’s two legged friends too!

Call 501.205.1922 for more information.

COMMUNITY ART CONTEST launches October 27th


Art on the Green has joined Baptist Health Medical Center, Conway for the 2016 Community Art Contest.

Packets will be available October 27th in Art on the Green.

For more information, contact Kelly Booy/501.205.1922

or click here.

Arkansas Women Bloggers highlight Art.

Check out –today is Wordless Wednesday and what speaks silently better than ART?  If you enjoy, please share with friends. Thank you.

“Red Tail” oil on board
10″x8″ unframed, 16″x14″ framed

Artist John P. Lasater  IV

Red Tail by John P. Lasater IV

Submitting Art to Art on the Green

Evening Cup by Tim Jacob

“Evening Cup” (acrylic)   16″ x 20″

Artist Tim Jacob

— We have updated guidelines for accepting new art. We ask you follow these to give us a more streamlined opportunity to view and accept new art and artists.
1. Please email me, AND Assistant Gallery Director — and include photos of your art – do not need to be hi-res initially — along with your biography, website and any additional information to tell us who you are.

2. One of us will reply as soon as possible. No later than two weeks upon receipt.
3. Upon confirmation and acceptance of art, we will schedule a meeting with you and our team.
4. We want to pay special attention to ‘titles’ of paintings — art lovers love great titles.
5. Art will not be put on the wall until our contract is signed and we have taken photos, and entered into our data base. This includes your biography.
7. Please visit often, however please, please do not bring your art to us if we have not scheduled a time to meet.  This is because we cannot give the attention to your work it deserves.
7. Thank you for respecting our desire to better serve you and our buyers.

8. We hope you will visit often and become acquainted with our artists, our classes.  Have a cup of coffee and read one of our many art books.

9. We hope we are a creative haven for artists, so don’t be a stranger!

*Classes offered weekly if you are so inclined.

December 23, 2015

Tis the Season.

"Mount Sequoia" by Trey McCarley

Art on the Green is open until 5:00 P.M. today

and from 10 AM – 1PM tomorrow.

We have White Glove Delivery, we gift wrap.

Call us for your last minute gifts.

Happy, Happy.

*This oil painting is by Trey McCarley

“Mount Sequoia” (oil) 12″ x 12″ $450 and Ships Free

Call us today! 501.205.1922

if no answer call 501.499.3177

Cody Sublett, Veteran and Furniture Designer

Art on the Green Celebrates Cody Sublett this Veteran’s Day.

Furniture Designer Cody Sublett created Hidden River.

“Hidden River” was designed for family dinners, and Gallery Celebrations – We love using in the Gallery but hope it goes to a beautiful family soon.  It is for sale!  Perhaps the following photos show how beautiful “Hidden River” serves it’s purpose.

Artist's Lunch with Linda FlakeLunch guest Joan Klassmeyer sits to Artist Linda Flake’s right.

— and doesn’t this table look beautiful, easily seating ten.

Artist's Lunch

“Hidden River” Table designed by Cody Sublett.

Call or come see us today — better yet, join us for lunch on Thursday — tomorrow’s begins at noon.  Call 501.205.1922 for more information.

Art on the Green Designer Interviewed

Internationally Known Interior Designer Georg Andersen was recently interviewed by a fellow Parsons School of Design’s Rebecca Nison for


The question posed:

Four white walls and appropriate lighting is the go-to, de facto way of presenting art. But it hasn’t always been that way. The existence of art galleries in general is a relatively new concept in the grand scheme of history. So how did it standardize so quickly? Why is the white cube the “best” place to present art, commercially and institutionally? Will it always be this way?


What Georg had to say:  

Georg Andersen
Author and Interior Designer, Art On the Green, Conway, Arkansas.
Today’s modern art galleries are awash with color. For years the dictum was white. Art was to be read loudly and clearly against “no color” environments.

It is true, many galleries on the East and West Coasts are white to neutral, but this is fortunately no longer always the case. Alice Walton has forged forward with judicious doses of color through out the varied galleries in her amazing new museum.

When art is installed against color it enhances the piece and also causes you be aware of related colors within the art. Color adds stability and dimension to a space.



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